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Condominiums in Garden City

Location: DLF Garden City, Gurugram

Client: Emaarat Group

Area: 12,500 sq.ft.

This G+4 apartment project defies conventional developer-driven housing norms. Through design, we've redefined the low-rise apartment paradigm, introducing a hybrid model that seamlessly integrates the density and communal facilities of apartments with the spaciousness and privacy reminiscent of individual homes. To address the region's climate challenges, we've incorporated unique cooling techniques both in the facade and within the building structure itself, ensuring a harmonious blend of environmental responsiveness and architectural innovation.

The design of this project maximises the site's potential by capitalising on its two open sides, with a primary goal of creating a healthier living environment. We have implemented passive cooling strategies and integrated evaporative cooling systems into the facade, ensuring comfort throughout the year with a remarkable reduction of up to 10°C in indoor temperatures. Mindful material selection, such as terracotta and lime plaster, enhances the living experience, complemented by biophilic elements that foster both physical and psychological well-being.

Structurally, the building is divided into four independent grids to accommodate diverse functional requirements. Spacious living areas feature larger spans, with open volumes, while more intimate private spaces benefit from shorter spans, creating cosy spaces. The deliberate fragmentation of the building's mass, combined with a thermally insulated envelope, effectively shields against the harsh summer sun, while maximising natural light and air circulation. Additionally, this design element serves as a threshold with lush greenery.

This project was designed in collaboration with DASEIN LAB and DUSTKAARI STUDIO.

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