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Phantom boundaries; chair

Location: London, UK

Made at: Royal College of Arts

Sculpture, Furniture Design 

This chair was part of a larger body of work named 'phantom boundaries' where a room is deconstructed and how:

a window

a door

a piece of furniture

and a picture on the wall

make a room?

Three chairs on the streets of London were collected and converted into a single piece of furniture. Each component has a history attached; the standard IKEA frame chair has a child’s drawing on its back legs; the dark-toned three-legged stool was found in an awful condition next to a dumpster; and the medical chair has an unconventional design, found in the middle of a sidewalk.

The challenge was to make a new chair using only the materials that came from dismantling the three pieces. Having done so, other elements of the installation are all objects found that come from different houses, and are further printed on or fabricated differently to build a ‘room’.

The pieces are inspired by the writings of Georges Perec, Species of Spaces. He fragments the world into its components, starting with ‘the page’. Phantom boundaries fragment a room into its recognised components, starting with the 'chair'.

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