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Documentation Residency and Photogrammetry Workshop

We are inviting architectural heritage, culture, design, and photography enthusiasts to join us for 5 days in the old heritage town of Jammu from 19th to 23rd June, 2024 for a field workshop!

Taking place in a beautiful and ornamented old house on Diwan Bishandas Street, the workshop shall introduce participants to fundamentals of heritage documentation with training in a set of skills that find application in the fields of architecture, product and media design, cultural heritage, etc. Participants will document a chosen part or aspect of the house as per their interest under the guidance of the mentors. In the process, they will learn how to collect photographic data and other necessary information to produce 3D models of a building using photographic equipment and necessary rendering and modeling softwares. There will be a focus on hands-on techniques like measure-drawing and sketching as well, providing participants the flexibility to experiment and choose and develop their medium. 

Objectives and Outcomes:

  1. Developing sensitive perspectives of engaging with built heritage

  2. Developing skills in tools and techniques of documenting heritage. 

  3. Testing those skills through pilot on-ground exercises. 

  4. Consolidating the exercises into a presentable format and an exhibition for the city.

Schedule: Breakdown of the workshop schedule by the day will be shared upon registration. 

Location: Old Heritage City, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

Session Dates: 19th to 23rd June, 2024.

Application Deadline: 3rd June, 2024. Seats will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.

Minimum Age: 16 (All age groups above 16 are welcome).

Batch size: 10-15 people


  1. A curious mind and an interest in heritage, culture, arts, architecture, photography, or documentation.

  2. No prior training needed. 

  3. All participants are required to bring their own laptops(recommended) or tablets.*

  4. Bringing photography equipment is recommended but not necessary. 

Lodging and Food: Participants will be housed in a communal ‘bnb’ type accommodation in the vicinity of the documentation site. Vegetarian meals shall be provided on all 5 days. 

Cost: Rs.12,500/- for the 5-day program including stay and food.

Fee Waiver: We shall provide a fee waiver to 2 participants. Please answer additional questions (section 2) in the application form to be considered for the same.


Anindya Raina

Anindya is from Kashmir/Chandigarh. She works at the intersection of social innovation and community building, while using design tools and creative methods of data collection and processing like photography and game-mapping. Currently, Anindya is the Project Lead for Northern Zone at Rag Dream Weavers Association.

Bhavya Jain

Bhavya is from Jammu and is currently pursuing Masters in Design Studies at Harvard University, USA. Her work focuses on developing alternate systems of building with climate resilience and adaptability in focus. Her work engages with historical evolution of the built environment and its effects on current building practices. 

Chintan Mewada

Chintan is from Mumbai and brings an expertise in architectural detailing and furniture design. He has a keen eye for architectural photography and is an enthusiast of capturing details through the lens. He is a practicing architect with an interest in regeneration of heritage from a value-oriented perspective, a topic he has been exploring since his undergraduate thesis.

*Incase of inability to bring a laptop/ tablet - contact the organizers before sending in the application.

For any queries comment below

or call +91-7889428361


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