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Foot-over-bridge in Adalaj

Location: Adalaj, Ahmedabad

Client: Shubham Advertising

Area: 2100 sqft.

The design concept was conceived for an advertising agency seeking to spearhead the funding and construction of numerous foot-over-bridges across Ahmedabad city. In exchange for funding from the municipal government, these bridges would not only serve as vital pedestrian infrastructure with escalators, lifts, and pay-and use toilets, but also double as advertising platforms to reach a diverse audience in high-traffic areas.

The primary objective was to develop a versatile and flexible system capable of replication across the city and adaptable to different lengths.

The initial phase targeted the vicinity near Adalaj Crossroad, in close proximity to the Tri-Mandir Temple, catering specifically to the needs of pilgrims frequenting the temple and strategically situated adjacent to city and state bus stops.

To enhance structural stability, we implemented a varying-depth diamond lateral bracing system for the steel truss. In the bridge’s plan, the profile widened toward the edges to accommodate various services.

Additionally, the inner edges of the bridge were adorned with LED screens that displayed information and advertisements.

Prioritising user safety, the billboard was strategically positioned above eye level, ensuring unobstructed street views and ample natural light.

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