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Nani House

Location: Jammu, J&K

Nani House is an ongoing conservation and curation attempt that reimagines the idea of conservation as a slow and collective effort creating a new value of a building for the people of the city. An old house on Diwan Bishandas Street in the heritage city of Jammu, is being established as a cultural centre through the medium of exhibitions and workshops that engage with the city vicinity, its residents, and the socio-cultural environment. The project is an effort to establish a dialogue about the ecological and cultural heritage of the city of Jammu through arts and cultural practices.

In May, 2022, we organised the first series of workshops at Nani House in Jammu were organised. We hostedInviting people of all age groups, they were hosted to raise awareness about the built heritage of the city.

The Urban Sketching workshop started with a walkthrough of the streets of Link Road and Jain Bazaar in the heart of Jammu, and became an exciting way to discuss and draw the city’s historic corners. Ending the walk at the Nani House, we conducted a series of sketching exercises with the participants to draw their attention to its spatial details.

The Printmaking workshop was organised in the house’s courtyard in an attempt to teach a unique printing technique called Monotype. It’s one of the faster and simpler printmaking techniques where the artist creates a single print that cannot be replicated. We used construction materials found in the house and the vicinity of the city to create various patterns before imprinting those on paper.

The workshops ended with an exhibition at the House with all the participants' works. It was inaugurated by senior leadership of FICCI Flo (Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh Chapter), opening the courtyard of the building to the people of the city.

The exhibition was followed by a heritage walk in the city that emphasised on the more mundane and non-monumental aspects of the city’s heritage and how they have transformed over the years.

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