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Signages for Shreyas Foundation

Location: Ahmedabad

Client: Shreyas Foundation

Area: 28 acres

Our team was tasked with developing a comprehensive signage system for the 28-acre Shreyas Foundation campus in central Ahmedabad. The lush green campus is rich in biodiversity and hosts schools, playgrounds, a children's park, sporting facilities, and several museums, each of which is housed in architecturally significant buildings.

Our objective was to seamlessly incorporate the existing layout, spaces, and names of the buildings into a unique wayfinding and signage system tailored for the Foundation. The system needed to be bilingual, clear, accessible, and child-friendly, considering that children constitute the primary user group on campus.

Our aim was to seamlessly navigate visitors of all ages through the campus while recognising the unique functions of each area.

To accomplish this, we devised a colour scheme assigning a unique colour to each campus zone, including the school, cultural spaces, arts venues, play areas, or living quarters. These vibrant hues now serve as visual cues for visitors, facilitating intuitive navigation. Furthermore, each colour is accompanied by a simple yet impactful icon, aiding quick identification.

Building upon the established visual identity of the Shreyas Foundation, we integrated the circular motif from the logo as a recurring element, appearing as a seal wherever necessary. Employing curves, soft design elements, and vibrant colours in the signage ensured resonance with the campus's primary users, the young children.

Collaborating closely with landscape designers, we aligned our signage plan with the ongoing campus redevelopment. We categorised the campus paths into three types:

  • Primary Paths: Serving as the main circulatory spines,  these connect the two principal entrances of the campus.

  • Secondary Paths: Interlinking various sections of the primary paths, these facilitate internal movement.

  • Tertiary Paths: These paths lead to dead ends.

Our signage system includes directional, identification, and regulatory signs. Each sign type employs specific colours and symbols to distinctly indicate its functional role, contributing to a seamless, clear, and enriching campus experience for all.

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