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Lakshita Munjal

Lakshita is a designer and visual artist based between London and New Delhi. Having recently completed her MA at the Royal College of Art, her work integrates art and architecture using photography, sculptures and product design. She's shown works across the Bankside Gallery and Southwark Park Gallery in London, and aims to question design and it's representation across multiple mediums.

I like distorting the conventional elements from our built environment

I like to confuse you

I like to capture moments when the city morphs,

into something other than the structural grid it’s meant to hold.

I like to compare our anthropometric scale to those of our skyscrapers and our residing homes

I like to question the language we’ve created to talk about these structures; the ‘room’ has been my recent prey

I like to imagine the city as a lived organism

I want you to observe how the buildings around you make you feel

I want you to notice how you make a ‘room’ everywhere

I want you to question the confusion

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 | 'Threshold' at Fine Liquid Gallery | London

2023 | Reflection as Reflexivity at Southwark Park Gallery | London

2023 | Phantom Boundaries’room no1’ at the RCA Graduate Show | London

2023 | Reflection as Reflexivity for Maxwell’s Drawer Exhibition | London

2023 | Phantom Boundaries’room no2’ at MP Birla Millenium Gallery | London

2023 | Phantom Boundaries; the window Selected for ‘small but mighty’ at Bankside Gallery by Royal Society of Painter-Printmaker

2024 | Assembly | St Giles' Jazz Crypt, Camberwell, London

2024 | RBSA Print prize exhibition, Birmingham


2021 | PhotoConstruct_02, Leh | Farside Collective and Round Them Oranges

2023 - Ongoing | Recipient of the REFLECTOR programme, by GRAIN Projects in partnership with The New Art Gallery Walsall and ArtFund


2021 | 'partial edges' (photobook) developed during PhotoConstruct_02,

published by FarsideCollective (edition of 3)

2021 | Cover piece; ‘Tribute to Robert Powell’, for Design United, India

2022 | 'threshold' (book) compilation of London's footpaths, self-published (edition of 1)

2023 | 'let the light turn green!' (book) published under Royal College of Art (edition of 4)

2023 | ‘those running minds’ (poem)  published in The Pluralist; Nov Edition

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