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Logo Design

We have collaborated on numerous logo design endeavours, catering to a diverse clientele spanning from cosy independent cafes to tech-based startups. Below, you'll find a curated showcase of our branding and identity projects, each a testament to our dedication and creativity. Delve into our process, where we meticulously craft and illustrate the unique story behind every brand we bring to life.

Interior Factory

Logo Design

Interior Factory, an interior design studio in Mumbai, tasked us to design its identity. Drawing inspiration from the firm's initials, 'i' and 'f', we intertwined these letters: the 'i' symbolises the user, nestled beneath the inverted 'f', evoking the image of a jharokha with a dome. To resonate with their clientele seeking luxury interiors, we opted for sleek, tall fonts and an opulent colour palette of royal blue and gold.


Logo Design

Tamarind, a boutique home decor brand, celebrates the essence of Mangalore's culture and craftsmanship through its handcrafted products. The client sought a design that subtly reflected the region's identity without overtly featuring the namesake ingredient, tamarind. Our approach was to evoke the spirit of South Canara through a motif inspired by its coastal landscape. The gentle waves and setting sun, in an earthy red colour, symbolise the grounded harmony of soil and water.

Divine Delicacies

Logo and Graphic Design

Divine Delicacies is an independent, home-run cafe in Hyderabad. Sumita Bhasin started her bakery by holding cooking classes for different age groups in her neighbourhood. The logo illustrates her history with food and the popular adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” symbolising how a cake and its ingredients come together to build a community.

Logo Design is a document AI solution, enabling users to seamlessly search, generate, and summarise information from diverse sources including documents, videos, chats, and knowledge bases. The essence of AI bot's functionality is captured in our logo design - sifting through knowledge repositories using Artificial Intelligence. Unlike many tech start-ups that opt for bright and futuristic logos, we chose a simple design that speaks directly to our product's essence using three elements. The first was ‘SUBTL’ made apparent in a matrix of letters. Secondly, this was contained within flower brackets, which are widely used in coding languages. Finally, '.ai' was attached to these brackets to indicate that the product uses generative AI to help search for and zone in on required information. The font used for the logo was a subtle nod to the bygone era of typewriters.

KVDF Forum

Logo and Product Design

The Kurula Varkey Design Forum is a student-led annual forum organised by CEPT University, Ahmedabad. For its 2021 edition, themed ‘(inter)dependencies’, blurck Partners designed its identity with the intention of making architectural graphics more playful and organic. Drawing inspiration from contour lines, the logotype subtly creates space to hint at the forum’s initials, creating a simple yet unique typeform to represent the year's theme.

Aadi Ityaadi

Branding and Logo Design

Aadi Ityaadi is an ethnic handcrafted textiles brand in Bangalore with an extensive range of products like home linen, sarees, and dupattas selectively handpicked and handblock-printed. Keeping the ethos of the brand in mind, we developed an identity that celebrated the skilled craftsmanship of artisans, blending heritage and contemporary design with mixed-language typography and vibrant colours.

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